Relay race timing made easy.

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Thank you for your interest in H2C and Relay Clipboard.

Here are the updates for 2014. Have a great race. Remember, installing these update files overwrites your runner names and times.

Best, Jeff

Click here for H2C 2014 Leg updates
Click here for P2C 2014 Leg updates

Click here for features of the 3.0 version.

For answers to common questions, please read the FAQ. If you have further questions, email [email protected]. Happy Racing!

There are days left until the 2014 Hood To Coast Relay!

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Features for 3.0 Version:

  • Print your Score Sheet at the Finish (we supply the printers) Click to view sample
  • Print your Team Race Report at the Finish. Click to view sample
  • Export data to upload to a PC Spreadsheet, etc. Click to view sample
  • Now Edit Start time if Van 1 forgets to start the clock.
  • Reset To Start for easier pre-race testing.
  • Support for Palm Zire 21 and 31 Handhelds.
  • Better Due-In Alarm control.
  • Easy to use as always!

What is it?
Relay/ H2C Clipboard is a Palm OS application written specifically for relay races. It combines a powerful 36-leg stopwatch with a "Coach's Clipboard" making timekeeping hassle free. With easy to use screens, you can automatically time your team and each individual leg, compute HTC Score Sheet splits, view runner statistics, print your Score Sheet at the finish, print a Team Report at the finish and beam race data to other Palm OS devices. More

Who can use it?
Anyone who is running the Hood To Coast 36 Leg Relay race or any other 36 Leg Relay Race. There are also a version for the 24 Leg Portland To Coast Walk or Portland To Coast High School Challenge. Click the appropriate "Buy" button to make sure you get the correct version. And now, there is also an Eight Person Team version for the PTC.

Why do I need this?
Relay/ H2C Clipboard is even easier to use than a typical stopwatch. The big advantages are:

  • If this is your first Relay Race, this will help you with the logistics, and you will find that in a Relay, logistics are everything.
  • Running a relay is like climbing a mountain, as you progress, you will get more tired and sleep deprived and your ability to make HH:MM:SS calculations will diminish.
  • You will have more knowledge of when you will finish.
  • You will have more knowledge of when your runner will arrive at the Exchange.
  • You will have Printed Results at the finish so you can mull them over with your team in the beer garden.
  • You will have a quick and easy way to print the Hood To Coast Score Sheet that you are required to hand in at the finish.
  • If you are shooting for a PR or a goal time, you will have a tool to help you plan what each runner must do to reach your goal, at any point in the race.
  • If you've tried to use other solutions that require you to carry a laptop, you will find this much easier to use and much less hassle than constantly trying to make sure your laptop battery will last.

What type of equipment is required?
One Palm OS handheld device such as those made by Palm, Handspring, Sony, Handera, Acer, Kyocera, etc. Since Palm OS devices are nearly ubiquitous, you probably have at least one member of your team that already owns a Palm OS device. Unfortunately, this program will not run on Blackberries, Windows Mobile devices, or iPhones. The best thing about Palm devices is that they are cheap, sometimes even free off of Craigslist or eBay. So to keep the costs low for all teams, I still focus on Palm device. I will probably add support for the iPhone as time goes on.

Who wrote the application?
The application was designed and written by Jeff Boly, a 23-year Hood To Coast Relay veteran and captain of Team Mojo.

Why should I buy this instead of using a Spreadsheet on a Laptop?
Some teams have used laptops with spreadsheets, but this application will make your life much easier because you are combining the tracking and prediction aspects of a spreadsheet with the accuracy and timing aspects of a stopwatch. Handhelds are designed for frequent use and several days of use between charges unlike laptops which only last a few hours. Laptops are expensive and if accidentally dropped in the van environment, it will be costly. Most important, it's much easier to use, even for the non-technical. If you can press a button, you can use this application. Lastly, laptops are not stopwatches, but this program is a stopwatch.

Are other teams using this application?
Yes, over 1000 Hood To Coast teams have used this application to time their races. Most say simply that they can't believe they ever timed the race any other way before using this application.

How can I get it?
The new 3.0 Version of H2C Clipboard costs $40 $35 per team which is just under $3 per runner. Click the "Buy" button to purchase and download it from this site. You can purchase by credit card. Click the "Buy"button below. (Packet Pickup pre-order special $5 off for a limited time)

If $35 is too much for your team budget, the older 2.5 version of the program without print and upload features is still available for $25. Click the Buy Button to continue.

You can also download a Demo, by clicking the "Demo" button below.

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A continuous stopwatch automatically times each leg and total race time.

  • Before the start of the race, the Race Clock in the upper right hand corner displays all zeros, so does the larger Leg Split Clock in the center of the screen.

  • Once Leg 1 of the race has started, both the Race Clock in the upper right hand corner and the larger Leg Split Clock in the center of the screen, begin counting.
  • In this example, Runner number one, J. Morrison, has been running for 32 minutes, 31 seconds. His pace is incrementing as the time increments.
  • "L", "R" and "S" buttons will take you to the Leg Stats, Runner Stats and Score Sheet screens explained below.
  • The "Goto Leg" button presents a quick and easy way to view any leg.
  • Each split is triggered by simultaneously pressing two buttons on the device. You now see that the Race Clock is still counting and the Leg Split Clock has restarted counting for Leg 2.
  • The Exchange Screen shows the Leg Number, Leg Distance, Leg Difficulty, in this case M for Moderate. In addition you see the Runner Name and Current Pace.
  • For convenience, a Time Of Day clock is visible in the bottom right corner of this screen.
  • Note that we've entered the runner's predicted pace for this leg and it shows the estimated arrival at the next exchange to be 39 min. 52 seconds. This also sets a Due in Alarm that will ring 5 minutes before runner's arrival.
  • The Due In Clock will count down while the Leg Clock counts up.
  • If you enter an accurate Predicted Pace, this is a great way to predict when your runner will arrive.

The Leg Stats screen allows you to:

  • List or enter per leg information such as Name, Distance, etc.
  • Show cumulative totals in groups of six per Van and Team.
  • Create "what if" scenarios to predict times and paces.
  • Use Scroll Buttons to page through views

The Runner Stats screen shows:

  • Cumulative stats by runner.
  • Automatically updates as each leg is completed.

The Score Sheet screen shows:

  • View team cumulative totals for each leg.
  • Makes it easy to copy to the official HTC Score Sheet.
  • Print this information to Printers waiting at the Finish!
  • Keep an eye on team pace throughout the race.
  • Use Scroll Buttons to page through views of all 36 legs.

The Predicted Finish Screen shows:

  • The Actual Start Time
  • The Predicted Total Race Time based on the current Team Pace
  • The Predicted Finish Time of Day based on current Team Pace
  • Because Team Pace is a weighted average, the prediction becomes very accurate as you approach the finish.