Step 1. Download the H2C Clipboard application.

(The following instructions assume you already have a Palm OS device, and you currently HotSync it with the Mac at which you are viewing this web page. Click here if you have a Microsoft Windows based PC.)

Click the appropriate download link:
H2C Clipboard 3.0 (Print Score Sheet at Finish $35) .ZIP File (~1.4 MB) Download

By clicking the above link, you will get the manual, and full application that will run in Demo Mode. To run the application in the full Master Mode, you must follow through all four steps in this process and submit your credit card information to obtain a Reg. Code.

Also note, all orders are fulfilled electronically, once you have downloaded the application by clicking the above link, and have purchased the application and received a Reg. Code via e-mail, you have everything that you need. There is no need to wait for a CD to be shipped in the mail.

You will see the screen to the right after you click the link. This screen indicates that the file is being downloaded to your Mac.



Look for these two icons on your Mac Desktop. One will be the file downloaded above. The other is the H2CClip Folder which will be created after the .ZIP file is automatically uncompressed. Double click the Folder.  


The Folder will open and you will see four files. Double click the H2CClip.prc or H2CClipInstall.prc file.  

You will now see the Install Files window of the HotSync Manager.

This inidicates that the H2CClip.prc file will be installed during the next Hotsync.

You may now move on to the next step. Click the "Next >" button below.