Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is this Application hard to use?

A: No! All that anyone has to know to perform the most basic function of taking the splits of all 36 legs, is how to press a button. Team Captains or Timers can learn the more powerful features.

Q: What if one of my runners makes a mistake while using H2C Clipboard?

A: There is an "Undo" feature to reverse the last split taken, or to "Undo" the last edits made in the Leg Stats Screen. Since most runner's like to run with a stopwatch to time themselves, if for some reason, the H2C Clipboard is not present at the exchange, you can manually enter the current split. The great news is that H2C Clipboard will automatically adjust the leg times so that they are always true to the race clock. The time displayed by H2C Clipboard at the Finish will be exactly the same as your official race time! New for the 3.0 version, you can even edit the start time in case your team forgot to start the clock at the start. And now there's a Reset To Start function as well that allows you to do all of your pre-race testing, and then click press a button to be ready to go at the start.

Q: What's this about beaming?

A: If you have a device that supports beaming, you may beam results from the "Master" H2C Clipboard to a "Slave" unit for viewing. There is no charge for as many copies of the Slave software as needed. This is useful for Major Exchanges. The On-Course team can beam the race data from the "Master" unit before taking off from the Major Exchange. The Off-Course team, will then have all of the data up-to-date as of the Major Exchange in the "Slave" unit so they can review times, paces, etc.

Q: When will H2C Clipboard be available?


Update 8/12/05 3.0 Version for HTC and PTC. 3.0 Updates for other relays coming soon.

Update 9/03 Versions for the Reach The Beach, Providian and Colorado Relays now available!
Update 8/9/2002: P2C Clipboard now shipping, this version is for the 24 Leg Portland To Coast!
Update 7/10/2002: H2C Clipboard now shipping, this version is for the 36 Leg Hood To Coast!

Q: Will there be any documentation?

A: Yes, I will be publishing a full manual in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format with the application. This manual will cover all of the functions of the application in great detail.

Q: What else can this application do?

A: There are many other features, there is a "Lock" mode to prevent accidental changes. You can edit the "Team Information" which appears on the Exchange Screen. There is an easy way to copy all of the runner names from legs 1-12 into legs 13-24 and 25-36 so that you don't have to enter each name three times.

Q: Won't the Predicted Paces cause inaccuracies in the results? Are they based on previous performance?

A: No, the Predicted Pace is a temporary calculation that applies to the Current Leg only. It is not based on previous performance and is intended primarily as a tool to help estimate the arrival of a runner. If a given runner runs a leg at a significantly different pace than what was entered in the Predicted Pace, then the prediction will be invalid. Most runners know their approximate pace for a given distance, and thus this will help in gauging when you need to be at the exchange, etc. It is always a good idea to err on the side of being conservative! Better that the timer is early to the exchange than the runner!

Q: I'd like to enter Predicted Times for each of my runners to do a "what if" of the Team finish time, can I do this with H2C Clipboard?

A: Yes, the current version has a limited ability to enter all of the hypothetical times for each leg beyond the current leg. You will then see that the totals reflect these hypothetical times. Once you record an Exchange, the "real" time will overwrite the hypothetical time you entered thus updating the totals so they reflect the real results. Unfortunately, these predictions must be entered as times and not paces which is of limited value. A future 4.0 version is planned that will allow for complete entry of predicted results and then side by side viewing with actual results during the race!

Q: I'd like to be able to upload/ download results to my PC from H2C Clipboard, how can I do this?

A: The current version of H2C Clipboard does not have a full "conduit", however you can now Export Your Team data to a coma delimited (CSV) file that you can then upload into a SpreadSheet or other desktop program. Download is still not yet available. A future version will support this functionality to allow for entering all of the Predicted Information on a SpreadSheet on the desktop PC.

Q: How will I be able to purchase H2C Clipboard?

A: This site contains a "buy" button that will take you to a Secure Page where you will be able to enter a credit card number. Once notification of payment has been received, a "Reg. Code" will be sent to you via email. This "Reg. Code" is dependent on the "Serial Number " which you will provide during the purchase process. You can find the "Serial Number" on the startup screen of H2C Clipboard, when you tap "Master."

Q: Why does this application cost $40

A: I've spent thousands of hours developing this application and pouring my love for this race into the design and details. Also, I've now added printing, which requires a third party print license which adds to the costs I must bear for every copy of this application sold. Ask any team that has used the application, at only just over $3 per runner, this application is well worth the cost. Lastly, payment for value is what encourages us all to create more value. I'll keep listening to your feedback and adding value in return for your purchase price.